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Tennis Betting Tips And Tricks

Tennis Betting Tips And Tricks


There are many tips for betting on tennis, but the main one is certainly to take into account not only the characteristics of the players, but also their motivations. This does not only depend on the importance of a tournament, but also on the relative importance of a given match for reaching a certain ranking.

The importance of the tournament

The real suggestion is actually to remember that the mid-level tennis player, the one from position 30 to 150 (beyond that one cannot live without subsidies or sponsors), is a professional and often reasons only according to convenience. Only in the Slams does everyone really play at 100% of their potential at that moment. 

Tennis Tournaments To Bet On

  • Australian Open – From being a less prestigious slam, the Australian Open has in recent years moved a lot closer to the other three in the consideration of the players. However, it remains the one where a loss is not a tragedy and should be taken into account when risking too much on a match. Being played on cement, like the US Open, the Australian Open basically favours big game players, i.e. serve and attacking forehand. Even if its location in the calendar, in the second half of January, should tie the predictions to the athletes’ schedules rather than their value.
  • Roland Garros (or French Open) – The most famous clay court tournament on the circuit, played in the first half of June. It is a faster clay court than Monte Carlo or Rome, which takes some of the advantage away from the specialists and also allows the fast players to make a decent impression. The surface, however, rewards players who are strong at the back and above all resilient, because like all Slams it is played in best of five sets but five sets on clay are more expensive than on any other surface. From a bettor’s point of view it is the easiest surface because it allows the strongest players to make up virtually any disadvantage in the score.
  • Wimbledon – The only Slam on grass, and one of the very few tournaments on the circuit on this surface, is played in the first part of July and rewards players who hold their serves with confidence but in recent years no longer need to apply the serve and volley pattern. The bounce of the ball is uneven, but the fact that more or less the same players make it to the bottom as on the concrete says that Wimbledon is a little less anachronistic than you think. It is certainly the tournament where the service response is the most important fundamental, a break often means winning a match, which on grass turns on very few points.
  • US Open – Played on cement, between the end of August and the beginning of September. The same technical considerations made for the Australian Slam apply, to which should be added those regarding the moment in the season of many champions. Many arrive in August already worn out and the US Open is often a test of survival: the least injured, among the strongest, wins. It is the Slam in which the public, which is quite undisciplined, counts the most, and therefore the one that punishes emotional players the most.

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