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Several Organized Groups of Fraudsters Have Been Detained in Canada

Several Organized Groups of Fraudsters Have Been Detained in Canada

The Central Directorate of the Canadian Judicial Police for the Supervision of Gambling Institutions and Racetracks (SCCJ) reported the arrest of malefactors who damaged several Canadian casinos.

“This phenomenon has become very significant, and today there is an increase in the number of criminal groups from Latin America and Eastern Europe, operating in casinos in Canada and other countries,” – a spokesman for the supervisory agency told last Monday.

The scammers specialized in roulette:

  • Before each spin, game tokens of different colors, placed on the field, can be assigned different denominations at the request of the players. 
  • At a certain point in the game, fraudsters, with the help of accomplices, distracted the attention of dealers and inspectors. 
  • After that, they stole game tokens, sending them in exchange for money chips later. At the moment when this “color” reached a maximum value of 100 euros.

In total, the police detained four suspects, the last of whom was caught in Spain on November 12. The total cost of damage to Canadian gambling establishments amounted to about 300 thousand euros.

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Scam with Slot Machines

Scam with Slot Machines

The second group of fraudsters included Georgian citizens who were more interested in electronic roulette. Using a small drill, they drilled a small hole in the body of the slot machine. Then, using a fishing line, imperceptibly stopped the ball on the numbers of those sectors of the wheel on which they had placed their bets before. On November 21, a member of a group that visited casinos in Canada was arrested in Toulouse.

The third group consisted of citizens of Colombia, from whose actions casinos in Canada were affected. Latin Americans inserted 500 euro bills into bill acceptors of slot machines, while receiving checks with a barcode for similar amounts, which were not allowed into the game, but carried to the cashier for exchange for cash. This was repeated until the slot machine was filled with bills, after which the Colombians quietly opened the bill acceptor with a crowbar and left the casino with loot from 10 to 30 thousand euros.

To find out at what point the slot machine will give out a winning combination, first of all, you need to get access to its inner part – relatively speaking, the source code. Since outdated slot machines were widespread during legal gambling, this did not become a problem for many hackers. A much more difficult task is to determine the so-called temporary state of the machine or its “internal clock”. This procedure requires not only time but also the production of computer calculations.

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