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Play scratch cards online: Winning chances, rules & tips

Play scratch cards online: Winning chances, rules & tips

Everyone still knows them: scratch cards. For many, the small tickets are tinged with nostalgia, as they were all the rage in the 90s. Even today, many people still like to buy scratch tickets at the kiosk, but in the meantime online alternatives are becoming more and more popular.

Online scratching: How it works!

Digital scratch cards are offered by online casinos, among others, which have included them in their gambling programme. Depending on the rules of the casino, you can either try them out without registering or only after registering. Once you have created an account, you can access all games on the platform. In addition, bonuses are usually given away when you register for the first time, with which you can even play a few rounds for free. The game process of an online scratch card is relatively simple. Once you have decided on one of the games, you can buy your first ticket directly. The price of a lottery ticket is fixed, so the winnings do not depend directly on the chosen stake, as is the case with slots, for example.

However, some tickets offer higher winnings and are usually a little more expensive – but of course there is never a guarantee of winning. Digital scratch tickets try to imitate the gaming experience of the paper format as much as possible. After the purchase, the digital lottery ticket appears on the screen and the areas can either be clicked on with the mouse or scratched open by moving the mouse pointer. After a short time, you can see the result and collect your winnings. This is simply booked to the player’s account and, depending on the payout rules, can be claimed immediately or after a short period of time.

Winning chances with scratch cards

The exact odds of winning a scratch card vary from game to game, of course, but it can be said that online scratch cards have a very high payback rate to the player. Both slots and scratch cards have this rate, which says what percentage of the stake is returned to a player on average. If the rate were one hundred percent, the online casino would not make any profit at all, so it is quite normal for it to be lower than that. If a game has a payback rate of 60 %, this means that players on average only get 60 % of their stake back, but this cannot be generalised to all players.

In reality, this means that some players win nothing at all, i.e. lose 100% of their stake, while others get back more than their stake. Depending on how many players win something, the winnings are usually smaller, which is why, for example, in the lottery there is usually only one winner out of thousands who hits the jackpot and can call several million dollars his own. The payback rate for paper scratch cards is about 66%, but for online scratch cards it can be up to 90%. This makes the games almost as high-paying as online slots, which are known for their high payback rate.

Tips and tricks for playing

Online scratch cards are particularly attractive games of chance for several reasons: They are insanely easy to play and don’t require any strategic considerations, plus you can win big with small purchase prices, which is not at all unlikely given the high payback rate. In addition, many players associate scratch cards with particularly pleasant moments, as they are not only popular as gifts, but also appear as special editions for certain holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

When playing, you can opt for different types of scratch cards. The first type of ticket has a fixed prize amount that can be won with the right symbols. In this case, prizes in kind can also be given away. The other type of ticket has a multiplier that is multiplied by the purchase price of the ticket. For example, if you scratch off a 50x multiplier and have spent $3 on your ticket, you can look forward to a prize of $150.

Neither system is better than the other, so you can choose according to your mood. However, it is valuable if a ticket has a bonus field. Here you can often scratch off winnings even if the actual ticket is a loser. The prizes are often smaller, but can still recoup more than the purchase price. Often you will also find a cash prize on the main part of the scratch ticket and a non-cash prize in the bonus field. For this reason, it is worthwhile to choose online scratch tickets over paper tickets.

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