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Physical Casinos and Online Casinos Through the Lense of Quarantine

Physical Casinos and Online Casinos Through the Lense of Quarantine

Online casinos have seen a rise in popularity all over the world since the beginning of the pandemic times in 2020. This was quite a predictable situation considering that most of the population stayed home in spite of previously having either online or offline jobs. It goes without saying that online businesses and services appeared to have more possibility to develop and expand. At the same time, land-based casinos have lost many workdays and thus considerable amounts of money. Although physical casinos are still recovering from the quarantine craze, they have already been reopening but nonetheless have a tough time getting new job applicants for casino workers positions. On the other side, online casino services continue to grow and evolve adding more game options, more payment methods, more bonuses, and better loyalty programs for their players. Some online gambling establishments as CasinoChan online casino provide an impressive number of diverse titles and generous offers that any land-based casino may afford.

Conveniences and Growth Indicators of Online Gambling

Mobile phone gaming is not a new form of leisure activities but it is definitely one those developing actively advancing. Online gambling had already reported revenues as big as more than $10 billion. The compound annual growth rate of the global online gambling market is 12,3% as the companies adapt to the remote way of providing services. One can access to playing poker, blackjack, slot machines and other multiple game options through any electronic device and get real-time casino experience. There is no need to hurry, no gaming restrictions, availability of cashless transactions, a range of benefits, more gaming options to choose from and players are less distracted than in the casinos with physical locations. Contrarily land located casinos are opening with some restrictive measures. These are constraints of the number of people in groups to let in, working hours, customers and casino staff wearing masks inside the facilities and of course social distancing.

Technological Side of Online Casinos

The growth promoting factors for mobile gambling are the provided ability to use cryptocurrency and VR gaming (Virtual Reality). The first one quite undeniably brought many businesses much dividends considering that Bitcoin had become even more valuable. This is one of the most popular digital currencies which is often used for investments. As for the VR side of things players can get an immersive and engaging experience when using it. All of these digital enhancements create a profound change on a worldwide level.

The need for online mobile-focused platforms has never been as high as in this day and age. The practice of using phones daily by the general public has become not only an indispensable necessity but also a way to increase the amount of personal finances.

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