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Online Video Poker Games

There are two possible moves that can be made in video poker, betting the minimum or the maximum that the machine allows. The decision depends on the type of player, there are those who play just for fun, beginners, professional players, etc.

If you choose to play the minimum amount, you will increase your playing time and have better chances of winning. However, if you win a round, the payouts will be proportional to the money wagered, meaning they won’t be very high.

If you play the maximum amount the machine will allow, you will have higher payouts. However, if the bet does not pay off, the game will pay off less and finish faster. 

Although it is considered an easy game with no major skills required, the player needs knowledge to play online video poker. Study the odds and game strategies before you start betting. It is essential that the player knows all the combinations of video poker hands (from the most important to the least important) and familiarizes himself with the online pay table of each game.

Video Poker Strategies

Video poker strategies are simple, the player must only take care to decide whether to hold cards and which ones to discard to make his final hand.

As you begin to play video poker, remember not to be hasty with your decisions. Video poker is a game about thinking carefully, and the game doesn’t have a time limit, so you can take your time to choose your moves.

Online Video Poker

Video poker presents a range of odds. In the most conventional variant a 52 card deck is used and 2,600,00 different combinations with five cards each are considered. The player can still exchange a certain number of cards when he feels that his cards are no good.

There are no exact answers for certain plays, but it is necessary to compare odds of making a flush, holding a pair, or even forming a three-way or four-way even though it is extremely difficult. It is not easy to calculate the percentage chance of cards that may come out, but in most cases, keeping a pair is the correct decision. The player will only realize the best move as they play. Sometimes holding three cards to make a flush or straight is not such an assertive decision.

Often it is better to hold high cards instead of low cards, this is a better way to protect the hand. Some casinos suggest which cards to hold and you must decide if this is good and reliable for your play or not, generally this option is considered reliable.

Video Poker With Progressive Jackpots 

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot prize, meaning that the wagers from casino games that offer jackpot prizes are part of a central package in which the value accumulates daily and the amount can reach millions.


Keep an eye out for online video poker machines with progressive jackpots, as you can increase your winnings and even get more bonuses that are offered along with that big payout.

In online video poker, the jackpot can be triggered when a player hits an extremely strong, rare hand such as a royal flush. In progressive jackpot machines, a royal flush pays an amount of 800 to 1, which can mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars, as the percentage of each dollar that is entered into the machines with this option is combined to create the large sum and prize money.

The tip for online video poker games with progressive jackpots is to bet the maximum amount allowed to maximize your chances of winning that long-awaited prize.

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