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Canadian Gambling Commission Examines Operator-player Interactions

Canadian Gambling Commission Examines Operator-player Interactions

The Canadian Gambling Commission regulates most of the gambling establishments in the country. Recently it announced a new study on how gambling operators interact with gamblers. The Canadian regulator took as a basis the fact that gambling operators have certain information about their customers, which is necessary for identity verification. These clients were asked to take a survey.

Player data helps operators confirm that their players are of legal age. In addition, gambling establishments should be on the lookout for potential signs of damage from gambling. That is unprofitable players who spend more than they can afford. During the study, the commission revealed the wrong actions of gambling operators. According to representatives of the regulator, operators are slow to respond to incoming problems. Thus, they cannot protect their clients.

For instance, a lot of reputable gambling websites provide such conditions as “Cookie Casino Login, Play, Make Payments, Receive Bonuses & Win” and it really works as professionals can reach 30 levels playing at their own pace. However, it doesn’t get rid of the risk of big money spendings.

The commission stressed that any of these cases could have devastating consequences for clients. “Basically, we want to collect opinions on what is the right balance between consumer protection, freedom and privacy,” the Commission says. The Gambling Commission has started a special consultation: 

  • Its goal is to tighten requirements for the gambling business. 
  • A scheme of actions will be developed for operators – how to minimize the potential harm from gambling. 
  • At the same time, the operators will preserve the personal freedom of the client. 
  • According to the Commission, the survey gives people the opportunity to share their views on the problem. 
  • People who want to take part in the survey will have to complete it within a definite period of time.

How the Pandemic Affected Online Players

Online Players

A third of online gambling players say they have been affected by the crisis and extreme self-isolation measures. The main motives for the game are called winning, entertainment, excitement and pastime. But the upward trend in online gambling has not spread widely across the world. 

Some countries, such as Finland and Denmark, do not report noticeable growth in the online gambling market, despite the loss of revenue in the gaming sector as a whole. The suspension of sporting events has limited sports betting and has led to a resurgence of this category of gambling, both legal and illegal. 

For example, in Singapore, several illegal betting sites now offer bets on the number of daily COVID-19 infections. The esports sector is also seeing a growing number of consumers who are interested in the industry in terms of rates. This is the case in South Africa: due to the lack of sporting events, players are now betting on esports and match simulations.

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